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Hi, I'm Abby. I'm a wife and mother of four. I have been on a health journey since 2012, in dealing with implications of Lyme disease. This challenging quest has educated me on the complexities of the human body and the importance of self-care advocacy. My experiences, education and research have shaped my understanding that health restoration is multifaceted and bio-individual. My goal is to assist clients in identifying the root cause of their health issues and to help them in regaining vitality.

I utilize muscle testing, along with nutritional therapy and reiki to help identify weakness within the body and collaborate with clients to build a framework for optimal health.

** I do not diagnose nor give medical advice.

More about Abby

Abby began her working years as a school counselor. She worked with thousands of children day to day and throughout her time noticed that chronic symptoms in children were increasing rapidly, particularly with inability to stay focused/sit still, depression/anxiety and suicidal ideation, in addition to increased levels of stress and little to no coping skills. Much of her time as a school counselor was focused on mental health and regular counseling visits with students. After a move to the Midwest Abby took some time to stay home and raise her four children. When she noticed a speech delay, and difficulty with occupational exercises, as well sleep issues, attention issues and the onset of tics in one of her children, she started to research the root cause. It didn’t take long for her to connect the dots and realize that her son was dealing with PANDAS, a pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with Streptococcal infections. She began treating her son with herbal and homeopathic remedies and, within just one year, has seen symptoms go into remission.

Through her own personal experience, both in healing herself and her family, in addition to her education in Counseling, Reiki, Nutritional Therapy and Muscle Testing, Abby has a well-rounded, whole body approach to healing and will work with you and your individual needs to bring health and vitality back to your body.

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Nutritional Therapy

As a nutritional therapist, I firmly believe that the human body has an extraordinary capacity to self-heal. To achieve optimum health, it is essential to focus on basic health fundamentals, including a balanced whole foods diet. Additionally, it is vital to examine the individual requirements of each client, such as digestion, blood sugar levels, mineral balance, fatty acids, hydration, and stress. By taking a "food first" approach, I help my clients optimize their overall health and find balance. My goal is to empower each client on their unique journey towards healing and wellness by providing them with customized nutrition recommendations that meet their specific needs.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is a diagnostic technique that leverages the body's nervous system for identifying areas of weakness and the required interventions to improve a person's health to an optimal state. During the process, the practitioner utilizes muscle strength and weakness as a response from the Central Nervous System to identify imbalances. Similar to Reiki, muscle testing can be executed remotely as quantum physics does not impose a restriction on distance between energies.

Healing Reiki Session


Reiki, pronounced as ray-key, is a method that aims to bring overall balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. This stress-reducing technique promotes healing by channelling life force energy through the gentle laying of hands on or just above the client. Reiki has been shown to be effective in managing pain, anxiety, and other health issues, including irregular heart rate, blood pressure, and salivary cortisol. It can also bring emotional balance, clarity and self-awareness. Additionally, Reiki can balance the chakras and auric field, making it a powerful tool for holistic healing.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Symptoms are your body‘s way of telling you that something isn‘t right.

Low body temperatures (cold all ​the time)

Brittle/peeling nails

Hair loss

Low libido

Thyroid symptoms (hyper/hypo)

Painful periods


Food cravings

Mood swings

Blood sugar crashes

Sudden weight gain/weight loss

Digestive distress/upset stomach


Food sensitivities



Brain fog

Skin Issues (acne, rashes)

Water retention/swelling


Loss of appetite

Told that your “labs are normal“, but ​you don‘t feel “normal“

Why work with Abby:

Say goodbye to googling symptoms and applying quick fixes recommended by ​influencers. At Restorative Root, we delve deep into the true root causes of your ​chronic symptoms, analyzing what specifically affects YOUR body. Through our holistic ​approach, we address any imbalances using the foundations of health and address ​potential nutrient deficiencies with natural, whole foods and targeted supplementation ​as needed. Prepare to be astonished by the transformative results!

Healing Order of Operations

Restorative Root’s framework for healing is a multi-faceted approach to health. Eating nutrient-dense foods, maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, addressing trauma and stress response, reducing toxic load, and managing parasitic overgrowth are all essential for a healthy nervous system and to alleviate chronic symptoms.

Four Venn Diagram


Nervous System





The foundations of health begin with incorporating a nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole foods diet. Once diet has been addressed, then digestion and blood sugar regulation become a primary focal point. In addition, proper hydration and nourishment with minerals, and fatty acids will help support and promote healing and optimal health.


Once the foundation is set, it's crucial to clear drainage pathways. Without this step, the toxins we aim to remove (pathogens, environmental toxins, heavy metals, emotional trauma) will keep circulating in our body with no way out. They require an exit route! How do we achieve this? By ensuring we sweat, stay adequately hydrated, have regular bowel movements, and release any stressors we may be holding onto.



The modern world is filled with numerous toxins, and our body can only eliminate a limited amount on its own before reaching its toxic threshold. Detox involves removing substances from the body that are not supposed to be there. Some examples include parasites, mold, heavy metals, Lyme, environmental toxins, and emotional distress. By clearing these out through our natural drainage pathways, we reduce our toxic burden and enable our body to operate at its best.

Throughout this maintenance phase, we continue to focus on the foundations, on nurturing and replenishing our bodies with proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, and stress management. This continuous process involves caring for our nervous system and appreciating our body's innate ability to heal itself as a remarkably intuitive entity.

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What are the foundations of Health?

Nutrient Dense Whole Foods Diet

Focus on eating properly prepared, whole foods meals, balanced in micro and macro nutrients. Avoiding/limiting processed foods, seed oils and harmful chemicals can help our bodies to function their best.


When functioning properly, the digestive system is a north to south process, beginning with the brain and salivary glands and moving through many organs of the body including the liver, gallbladder, pancreas and both the small and large intestines. Many systems work in synergy to digest our food. If one or several of these are not working to their fullest potential we begin to experience symptoms of discomfort, bloat, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and the list goes on and on. Nutritional therapy works to create harmony within these many complex systems.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar can impact hormones, stress, energy and even cognitive function. By balancing blood sugar, you can reduce and/eliminate many chronic symptoms and inflammation within the body.

Mineral Balance

Minerals act as cofactors in enzyme reactions, facilitate transfer of nutrients across cell membranes, maintain proper nerve conduction, contract/relax our muscles, regulate tissue growth and provide structural and functional support (NTA, 2018). Our body is unable to make them on it’s own, so eating nutrient dense, properly prepared, whole food meals is essential in getting minerals into our system.


Our bodies are made of approximately 60% water which plays a key role in transporting nutrients, cushioning bones and joints, removing waste and flushing toxins and empowering the body’s natural healing process. Consuming adequate amounts of quality water is important for every process in our body.

Fatty Acids

Fat is one of our body’s main sources of energy and is required for proper hormone function, as well as aiding in proper nutrient absorption, increasing satiety, serving as a protective lining for our organs and acts as a building block for our cell membranes.

Reviews from Our Clients

“I can’t believe that after just one month of working with Abby I already feel less bloated, am having regular bowel movements and am sleeping better. I haven’t felt “sick” in a month!”

Rachel S.

“Abby taught me breathing exercises that I have been using to help when I feel my anxiety setting in. I actually feel like I am enjoying work more and am overall less stressed.”

Laura R.

“Abby has helped me claim time for myself at home. I am a mom of two and am learning how to carve time for self care, like using my sauna blanket and taking walks after lunch to help balance my blood sugar and clear my mind. Learning to meal plan has helped our whole family to make better food choices. She has been patient with me as I haven’t wanted to make too many changes at one time.”

Carrie C.

Woman Meditating at Home

Restorative Root

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